Victoria Beckam ‘s Quote for her High-Heel love

Victoria Beckam explained at her GMTV interview why she can’t concetrate in flats … Click the “Read More” Button to learn the reason …

Victoria Beckam's Quote

Victoria Beckam’s Quote

“I can’t concetrate in flats” said Victoria Beckam in order to reveal once again her passion about high-heeled women shoes. And for those who might think that she loves vertiginous heels only because they boost her height, the fashion-icon Victoria insists that high heels increase her brain power too.  She also avoids the gym because she can’t bear to be in trainers . Victoria can’t get her head around the footwear, is that so bad ?  – Of course not !! All of us are used to seeing her in wonderful stilettos … Keep on the great job Victoria !!!

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