Tribeca Pumps – Brian Atwood

The Tribeca pumps belong to the latest Brian Atwood ‘s Collection and you can find them in interesting variations. Click the “Read More” button below and choose your favourite pair of Tribeca pumps …

The Tribeca pumps feature open -toe, adjustable ankle strap, double platform and high heel. Their heel measures 15 cm, but it feels like 10 cm grace to the platform that measures 5 cm. They also have leather lining and sole. You have the opportunity to choose among the following variations :

# 1.  Bright blue suede and turqoise leather




No doubt, this is an eye-catching pair of sandals with amazing colors and nice texture.  A huge ring with turqoise stone matches perfectly with these heels and makes your outfit even more interesting.

# 2.  Coral suede and bronze leather



I have to admit that this pair of  heels has also very beautiful colors and the same fine texture with the previous one. If you are tanned, they will look absolutely fantastic.

#3.  Leopard print corc



For sure, this is a less colorful choice but leopard print is always sexy. For a stunning look you could wear gold jewelery. Otherweise, you could choose to wear wooden jewelery in case you ‘d like to have an exotic look.

#4.  Gold karung



If you love the “earthly” colors but at the same time you want to avoid looking borring, these pumps were made for you.

Dear High – Heelers, now that you have seen all your “Tribeca” options which of these lovely pumps would you prefer?  I ‘ll be glad to receive your comments 😉

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  1. My Wife ABSOLUTELY LOVES ALL OF BRIAN ATWOOD SHOES! We are going on a vacation in a couple of weeks for her birthday and I’m trying to surprise her with a pair of the blue TriBeCa pumps in a size 9 1/2 I would greatly appreciate it if you are able to help me find a pair for her before the end of the month.
    Thank you in advance

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