Casadei – Animalier pumps & ankle boots


Animal prints is no doubt a hot fashion trend for women shoes and it-bags !!! So, today I am glad to present you the Casadei Animalier pumps and ankle boots in order to choose your favourite one !!! How? It’ s easy : you have just to click the “Read More” button below and the […]

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Jimmy Choo – Colada Sandals


Excuse me, are  you a woman with passion ? Do you adore jewels ? Is it too easy for you to fall in love with a new amazing pair of high heels? Is red your favorite shoe color ? If you have answered “YES” in more than one of the above questions,  guess what!! You […]

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Brian Atwood – Hamper Pumps


Dear High – Heelers, have you ever heard of the Hamper Pumps ? – Well, the Hamper pumps were designed by Brian Atwood and there are quite a lot variations of them. I chose especially for you the two best variations !! Click the “Read More” button below and enjoy them …

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