Jimmy Choo – The new effect of Anouk Pumps

The ultimate chic  high – heeled pumps have definitely name : Anouk !! But what did it happen when Jimmy Choo decided to give Anouk a new cool effect ? – Click the “Read More” button below and learn the answer…


When Jimmy Choo decided to give to its classic Anouk pumps a new cool degradé effect with metallic leather and smooth suede, a masterpiece was born !!!

These gorgeous pumps feature black suede, silver colored leather, pointy toe, leather sole and a great mirrored stiletto heel that measures 12 cm.




Although these Anouk pumps would match perfectly with a pencil skirt or a fine dress, do not hesitate to wear them with your skinny jeans for a more fresh and fashionable outfit.

You can also find them in sandy beige suede with light gold degradé effect.



I have to admit that both of them look very classy and impressive, but which one do you prefer ?  My beloved High -Heelers, I would be glad to read your opinion 😉

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