Gucci – Pumps !!! Red, Black or Light Pink ?

Gucci high-heeled pumps from the 2013 Fall- Winter Collection are really awesome !! But which color is the best for them ? Red, Black or maybe Light Pink ? Let’ s click the “Read More” button to figure it out …


These dark red suede pumps feature open toe, three adjustable straps and covered heel. The heel measures almost 13.5 cm which is quite a lot, but there is no need to worry because they also afford a 2.5 cm front platform. Moreover, thanks to the platform and the straps they are enough steady !!




It is true that red heels look  always hot, but these ones are sexy and very elegant at the same time !!! What a great combination !!!

In case you are  looking for a more strict outfit, you could find the same pumps in black patent leather …




This variation looks no doubt classy and you could wear it from meeting to dinner 😉

The last variation is for those ladies who love the classy romantic outfits…  Oh yes !!! You can also find these beautiful pumps in light pink patent leather !!





As you have propably noticed, the color or the material can be different while the shoe design remains the same. But what about the price? Well, this is not the same for all of them… The dark red suede pumps cost $795 and the other two are a little more expensive, as they cost $850.

My lovely High – Heelers, have you made up your mind? Which is your favourite one?

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