Giuseppe Zanotti – multicolored Sandals

Giuseppe Zanotti multicolored sandals are no doubt a great choice for your summer evenings !! Click the “Read More” button in order to have a look at the pictures inside and you ‘ll understand why …


These Giuseppe Zanotti multicolored high-heeled and open toe sandals are inspired by the female form and they feature calf-skin leather, lacquered heel, buckling strap closure and leather sole. Their heel measures almost 14 cm and their front platform measures approximately 3 cm. The materials are fine and the colors too. The lime-yellow lacquered heel embraces the emerald green and deep purple colored suede upper for a really awesome result !!!



 Probably, their colors and the combination of them are not ordinary and some of you may hesitate to wear them. On the other hand, you still like so much their design and you felt in love with their gorgeous heel… Don’ t worry because there is one more interesting color combination and this one is a bit more “quiet”…


As you can easily notice, the design remains exactly the same, but in that case the black lacquered heel embraces the curry and orange colored suede upper.



 One absolutely amazing design, but two different multicolored versions !! Choose the one you like most for a decidedly seductive effect !!  By the way, I would be happy to learn your final choice …  😉


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