Coco Chanel about shoes

Coco Chanel is a legend for the fashion world. I am pretty sure every lady who is in love with fashion adores Coco Chanel and likes reading everything related to her. Don’t wait … Hit the “Read More” button below…

Coco Chanel launched her parfum and introduced the Chanel suit and the little black dress. Oh yes, the little black dress, that all women love to wear with their high heels, was Coco Chanel ‘s idea. Apart from her timeless designs, her quotes about several things are memorable like the one above. Of course, a woman in good shoes is never ugly because a beautiful pair of  heels made from fine materials always changes the outfit. But, what is the definition of a good shoe ? Classy and elegant or sexy and bold ? In my opinion, it depends on the occasion and your mood. For instance, a pair of classy and elegant shoes can be a very good choice for the wedding or the coctail party you have been invited. If you are going out for a drink and you want to look hot, choose a pair of sexy heels. Furthermore, high quality and fine materials are always important for a good shoe. And remember, there are “good” shoes for almost everything … So Ladies, don’t waste time !!! Step out in your heels and shine !!! No doubt, you will look beautiful according to Coco Chanel ‘s quote !!! High Heels Quotes

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