Christian Louboutin – Carlota Heels

Carlota heels could be the perfect reason to join the “Loubi world” !!! You can find this sky-high beauty in two different colors. So, what are you waiting for? Click the “Read More” button and learn everything about it !!


These are the “grenadine” Carlota heels and are from the Fall – Winter 2013 Christian Louboutin Collection. They feature hot pink suede, hot pink strappy patent leather and glitter heel. Their heel is extremely high as it measures 16 cm !! They also have covered front platfom which measures 6 cm.




The “grenadine” Carlota are for sure an eye-catching pair of  sky-high sandals !! You may like your heels to be very high but less colorful. In that case you could choose the “grega” Carlota heels.


 A you can easily notice, they have exactly the same design with the “grenadine” Carlota heels but their color is “softer”. These ones feature safari beige suede, strappy patent leather and covered heel.




Lovely High-Heelers,  mind that you have both of them in front of you, but you can choose only one of them. What would you do? “Grenadine” or “Grega” ?

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