Brian Atwood – Hamper Pumps

Dear High – Heelers, have you ever heard of the Hamper Pumps ? – Well, the Hamper pumps were designed by Brian Atwood and there are quite a lot variations of them. I chose especially for you the two best variations !! Click the “Read More” button below and enjoy them …

The Hamper pumps feature leather upper full of suede details and a few small rihnestones, leather sole and lining, double platform and covered heel. The heel measures 15 cm and the double platform is 5 cm.

 I examined very carefully all the variations (pink nude silk, pink nude patent leather, black leather, black pony skin ect) and finally, I ended up to the following pairs :

#1.  Black suede / Bronze leather





#2.  Taupe suede / Gold leather





OMG !!! I adore sky-high heels and these two pairs are so impressive !!! Honestly, it’s too hard for me to decide which one I prefer. What about you ? Have you chosen your favourite one?

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